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"Dragon scarf" by Larissa Sayer

Oh man, I have to write something here.

I would have a little "Hello my name is Aki Mimoto" sticker on my lapel and be done with it but seeing as this is the internet, this page will have be the electronic equivalent. In May 2005, I turned 28 and have decided that this may be the age I shall endeavour to stay for the rest of my life.

Currently living in the splendid city called Vancouver... well, ok, close enough. (Coquitlam is the proper name for the municipality I live in).

I'm a full-time perl programmer that works for a lovely little company called Gossamer Threads Inc. Mostly I work as part of a team on a product known as Community: a single-sign-on solution. Aside from that, lots of custom jobs. We do good work, if you need code for your site, consider contacting us.

I'm currently helping a pHd candidate in Biology by the name of David Redding under the supervision of Arne Mooers. We've been working on a project that's taken us a year or more of head cracking experiences. It's so very true about the devil in the details.

Some stats (esp. for Matt)
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In regards to this site and contents: I take no responsibily for any injury be it delibrate or through negligence. If you find a picture of me and monitor cracks and the subsequent implosion causes shards of glass to provide a complimentary lobotomy... well... you have my deepest sympathy.

This site's code was written by me. It's a hodge-podge mishmash of different perl scripts strung together to make them function in a somewhat coordinated manner. Ok, well, it's not that horrific *gasp* but there's room for improvement.

I've been taking images for the last 2-3 years. I don't remember the exact number well now. My current equipment is a Canon 20d with a Canon Digital Rebel as a backup. I find most of my images are produced using the wide end of the kit lens. I use Gimp to edit my images and the uploading and image management are handled throgh custom scripts (one of the most important being Nikki).

I take these images mostly for my own enjoyment. I got into this as a record keeping skill to complement my desire to travel. As strongly visual creatures, there's something in a well made image that can transport a person to where I was. The images also helps me jog my memory. I can usually remember what I was feeling and happening when I was taking a particular image.

While I still have yet to call myself "good", appears it's "adequate". It has taking me by surprise how in increasing frequency it seems that I'm being contacted to do various shoots and have been gaining quite a bit of experience that way. This is quite fabulous beyond belief.

If you have an odd desire to contact me for non-spammy purposes, please feel free to use the contact form.

Finally, you may find the milestones page interesting. It's soemthing I've been putting together as a loose idea for a little while but need to develop it further. I'd like to have these images and audio as documentation of my life. What is my current challenge is to figure out what is appropriate in that section.

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