2006/06/09 - Graduation
Finally graduated from Simon Fraser Univesity with a degree in Biology with a concentration in Ecology and Evolution. To mix things up, takes a camera across the stage to get a few images as a graduand. Riss still took a few images of me.

    2006/05/11 - Noh way!
Reiko and I have our first earnest date. I get a chance to visit Daiso for the very first time and spend far too much money. We go to a Noh performance in Richmond that she had acquired two tickets for through work. The performance was peculiar and quirky but the quiet time chatting in the parking lot afterwards suggests something more can happen.

    2005/12/24 - Moved back home
To save money and start improving relations with my parents.

    2005/12/21 - Winter Solstice Lantern Festival
Volunteers to take photographs of the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival. Twelve years ago, it was initiated by Naomi Singer at the Granville Island Community Center. As interest and awareness grew, it spead to other community centers around Vancouver that includes parades and visually stunning lantern displays.

    2005/12/08 - Christmas Play
Volunteers to become a stills photographer for a friend's Christmas play.

    2005/10/15 - Salt Spring
At Patrick's invitation, goes to Salt Spring Island to relax and get shots of some of the incredibly gorgeous places on the island.

    2005/09/31 - Hallowe'en
Bestest. Costume. Evar.

    2005/08/14 - Mulberry Land B&B
Heads up to Comox to get photographs of Naomi and Nico's bed and breakfast, Mulberryland Bed and Breakfast. Located in Comox, BC, it's a gorgeous suite, a work of love.

    2005/08/06 - Brad and Fiona's Wedding
Brad, an old friend from highschool is marries Fiona. At the suggestion of AngHold, I get to be one of the principle photographers of their wedding. (They gift me with a fine bottle of Glenfiddich 12year scotch, WOW!)

    2005/07/30 - Jim and Elaine's Wedding
Helps Colin get photographs of his father's wedding.

    2005/07/23 - Illuminaries
First time to get involved as a member of a team of photographers documenting a large event. Called Illuminaries, it is organized by Public Dreams and is a celebration of fire and light.

    2005/07/03 - Victoria
Heads to the island to get images of the Gay Pride Parade of Victoria and meet with Charlotte and Danica.

    2005/06/22 - Wow! Research!
Gets involved with a phylogenetic measures project in Bisc 498

    2005/06/01 - Riss' Convocation
Congratulations Riss

    2005/04/22 - Escape in Tofino
Wanting to recover, heads up to Tofino for a small vacation. Vows to get 3000 images in 2 weeks. Succeeds.

    2005/04/18 - Leaving the home
New home. Can't live together after breaking up. Finds a new place in Surrey, it's gorgeous.

    2005/03/16 - Aki gets his first photo related job
After voting, gets the Photo Editor position for SFU's student newspaper, the Peak. Has a splendid semester running around taking quite a few pictures of various campus events and public figures.

After going through intense and heartfelt discussion it was time to part ways.

    2004/12/28 - Coco's wedding
First wedding not knowing who the bride and groom are beforehand. Scary!

    2004/11/21 - Lainie's Grandfather passes away

    2004/09/23 - Lisa and Oliver get married!
Lisa (Wendy's sister) and Oliver arrange to have their ceremony on the top of the third peak of the Squamish Chief. Someone manages to sneak in as their main photographer :)

    2004/08/05 - Vacation in Australia!
Lainie and Aki head to Australia for a well-earned vacation. On the flight to Sydney the connection is missed and an interesting 24 hours in San Fransisco. Australia turns out to be stunningly photogenic.

    2004/06/03 - Move
Lainie's parents move from her childhood home in Kelowna to Grand Forks

    2003/11/09 - 2 years
Aki and Lainie celebrate their 2 year anniversary at a bed and breakfast in Sechelt called "A Place by the Sea"

    2003/10/07 - Hello Riss
On an SFU Photo Club outing, a chance encounter supplies a new friend

    2003/08/08 - Vacation in Kootney Valley
Spends a lovely two weeks in Kootney visiting Nelson, Cranbrook and places like New Denver and Slocan where my father spent WWII in an internment camp.

    2003/08/03 - Paul and Wendy's Wedding
Paul and Wendy are the first of my group of close friends to get married. The ceremony was beautifully intimate and held at Paul's parents' home where many thoughtful touches made it one of the most wonderful and individual weddings I've been to yet.

    2003/07/10 - First Show!
This image was chosen for the SFU Staff and Student photo show. This is the first time an image found itself on the wall in a public place.

    2001/05/08 - Aki goes to Asia
On a business trip, gets to go to HK, Vietnam and Malaysia to help instruct programmers how to use Gossamer Threads' software libraries.

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