Nikki - a perl Livejournal client
   Last Updated: 2003-03-03 12:30:12

Nikki is japanese for diary. It is not the name of my girlfriend, though I've certainly spent enough time with this program these last couple of months to warrant that label.

This program started as a means to scratch an itch I had been having for awhile. In that it's very tedious to get photos from my digital camera, resize them, upload them to a webserver, then link to them in a Livejournal entry... It was also an excuse to program something using WxPerl/WxWindows.

The current feature-list is as follows:

  • Posts entries
  • Edit old entries
  • Calendar based browsing of old entries
  • Keyword search of old entries
  • Photo gallery management
  • Queuing of entries for later posting
  • Full offline support
  • Multiple Livejournal account support
  • Multiple FTP site account support
  • Works on Linux or Windows
  • Tight integration of entry editing and photo gallery
  • Entries are parsed using No Tags Markup