A few links? (In alphabetical order... in case you were wondering...)
Amanda McCuaig's Blog http://www.yumanik.blogspot.com/
Bruce Lord's Site (DJ related) http://contrasoma.com/
Bruna's Site (gallery) http://www.i-and-w.com/
Chris' Photoblog http://www.projekt1design.com/photolog/
Colin Ligertwood's (Tannoy) Site (Photoblog) http://snappy.shithead.cx/
Danica Gee's Site http://www.poopeople.com/
David Wilson McLeish's Blog http://davidwilsonmcleish.blogspot.com/
Dan Culberson's Photoblog http://www.danculberson.com/
David Wilson McLeish's Blog http://davidwilsonmcleish.blogspot.com/
Fishy's Site (naturopathy) http://naturopathichealth.info/
Jem's Site (portfolio) http://www.hot-trash.co.uk/
Jeremy's Blog http://infinidox.diaryland.com/
Justin Ma's Blog http://justinmah.blogspot.com/
John Chia's Photoblog http://nokturnal.org/nokjurnal/
Katy's Blog http://katyjsimpson.blogspot.com/
Kelly's Photoblog http://populuxe.ca/
Lisa Corriveau: Phoenix Stilt Performance http://phoenixstiltperformance.blogspot.com
Mark Little's Blog http://mountlittle.blogspot.com/
Matt Simpson's Photoblog http://stretched.ca/
Mel's Photoblog http://www.2bitstudios.com/
Mel Goulet's Site (personal) http://ystuff.net
Mike Hingston's Blog http://mikehingston.blogspot.com/
Naomi Twinkle's Site (gallery) http://art.mulberryland.net/art.htm
Paul Botelho's Site (photo gallery) http://botelho.ca
Riss Sayer's Site (gallery) http://rissdemeanour.deviantart.com/gallery/
Sarah Caufield's Blog http://whither.blogspot.com/
Virginia Lo's Site (personal) http://virginialo.com/
Warren Haas' Blog http://warrenswren.blogspot.com/

Photoblogs I visit (People I don't know but enjoy their images)
Coffee: by Kelly
Shutterview: by Arne Gulstene
Manipulation: by Jason Zada
Intransient: by Kemp and Jolayne
A walk through Durham Township, Pennsylvania: by Kathleen Connally
Alex Jones Photo
Dockwalker Images
The narrative: by Matt O'Sullivan
Mute: by Miles
Detrius: by Rick
Straymatter: by Scott
BIGempty: by Tim Gasperak
Water Molotov

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